15th Century Inn
First Opened

Welcome to The George & Dragon, Sandwich, Kent

The George & Dragon, Sandwich, Kent/ Pub and Restaurant
The George & Dragon, Sandwich, Kent/ Pub and Restaurant

This inn known by the name and sign of the George and Dragon was built in the 24th year of the 1st reign of Henry VI, in 1446.

It was at it’s day of foundation and for many years to follow a dwelling house, owned then, by the estate of one Peter Taychell, who possessed the mortgages on properties and lands in Sandwich, Ash and Wingham.

In 1552, there resided one Thomas Webb, sailmaker who took advantage of the newly formed Licensing Registration act of 1549. With a career change in mind applied for and was granted a licence to sell ales from his premises. At this time the house bore no title of registration and was recorded as a “typpling house in Fisher Stete” and Webb it’s “typplere” a situation that was passed down for a further 60 years.

In the 1570 ale was brewed here under licence for one Stephen Back. In 1615 one Francis Scoones came to the house in that year he registered the house under the name of “George and Dragon”.The George and Dragon has seen and undergone many changes since first it was built, but from the day it was first licensed over four centuries ago the house has never closed once.

Very recently, The George and Dragon were honoured with the award of becoming a Cask Marque accredited pub. Cask Marque are, for those who are unaware, an independent accreditation scheme to recognise excellence in the service of cask ale. This award enables us to display the Cask Marque Logo on our premises and we are very proud to be able to do so.